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Jerry Blavat, also known as “The Geator with The Heater” and “the Boss with the Hot Sauce,” is an American icon.
The Geator gained local fame by hosting live dances in the Philadelphia area, leading to his own independent radio show, on which he broke-in many acts in the 1960s, including the Four Seasons and The Isley Brothers.

In 1953, Jerry debuted on the original Bandstand. In 1956, he managed a national tour for Danny and the Juniors, and he worked as a valet for Don Rickles in 1958–59.

Jerry got his start in radio in 1960. By 1963, his show was syndicated in Camden, Atlantic City and Wilmington. He said he refused to follow a playlist, “playing music from the heart, not a research chart.”

From 1965–1967, Blavat produced and hosted a weekly television show in Philadelphia called The Discophonic Scene, a dance show for “all my yon teens” along the lines of American Bandstand (which also began in Philadelphia a decade earlier), referring to himself as “the Geator with the Heater” and “the big boss with the big hot sauce.”

Jerry Blavat also guest-starred on television shows including The Monkees, The Mod Squad, The Tonight Show and the Joey Bishop Show.

In 1972, Blavat purchased a nightclub in Margate and named it “Memories.”